I found out today that a little girl I know, whom I am very close to, is still being bullied at school. It’s been going on for 2 months now, since school started in September. Her mother has contacted the school many times, spoken to both her teacher and the principal of the school, yet this 6 year old is coming home with bruises on her body. Bruises made by children 4 years older than her. She refuses to talk about it much. Doesn’t even tell her parents about it. They only find out when they find the bruises and marks on her body. I know teachers do their best to notice everything that goes on during recesses and on the school ground. But really, how can ONE teacher be expected to watch over one hundred children? The cut backs made in this city are ridiculous. This little girl should not have to be afraid of recess. And definitely not at the tender age of six years old. Bullying is currently all over facebook and other social networking sites, yet it still happens. It’s happened for decades and centuries and will happen for decades and centuries more. When will it end?


Bruises heal. Emotional damage never does.

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Daddy & Granpa

Day Two of writing in this blog. Today was actually a very interesting day. My son had some dr appointments and he had an ecco and a ecg done and he was not happy to lie still during his ecco so I took out my phone and started to show him pictures. The only pictures that made him calm down are the ones that were of him and his father. So I made one my wallpaper which shows up when the phone is locked. I kept showing it to him and when the screen went black, he looked sad and went “daddy”. Now this is a milestone for us. He has only ever called my father “granpa” to his face. So now he has also directly said daddy too!! I am so happy for my little turkey! And he was SO energetic ALL DAY LONG. Dancing to no music, bouncing around, using his new walking skills, gabbering away about whatever it is babies gab about. It was just an awesome, yet very busy day. 🙂

*NaBloPoMo post #2*

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What the who? And why?

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for awhile now, even got one started but wasn’t happy with it at all, so I stopped. I love to write and used to write almost daily during high school and college. It was mostly poetry and teenage angst writings. Some of it was really good (or so I was told), but I just lost the heart for it. So that is why I am now starting a blog. I MISS WRITING.

A little about me to give you readers a feel for who you are reading. I am a mother and a wife. My son is a year old and was born on Thanksgiving of 2010 (Canadian Thanksgiving, so October not November) and he was 10 pounds 5 ounces. He was this big ball of red and chub and I loved him to pieces the moment I laid eyes on him. (I’ll probably post the whole story of it on here later, but I figured I’d start with some shorter posts.) I couldn’t wait to hold him. I had a hard time adjusting to motherhood, which really surprised me because I thought I’d be a natural. I’ve adjusted since then and can’t imagine not having my boy zooming around the house and getting into absolutely everything EXCEPT his toys (why do babies do this anyways? Millions of toys flooding the house, but plays with shoes and clothes instead. *sigh*) I had a whirlwind romance with my now-husband. We met 2 and a half years ago and got together shortly after. 2 months later we were engaged (that’s a cute story too, btw) and then 5 months later we were pregnant,  2 after that and we were married and soon said hello to our baby boy.

So I hope for this blog to be a mish-mash of things. I like how other blogs I’ve read write about products and how-tos and all that kind of stuff, and I’d like to do that as well. I’d also like to take my blog and readers on a journey with me to learn to cook well. And I like to ramble about daily life as well.

Nice meeting you :). Hope to see you again soon. Maybe I’ll participate in this NaBloPoMo I keep reading about. Apparently it starts today.

*NaBloPoMo post #1*

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