I Never Saw The War

I Never Saw The War

I never saw the war.

Was never unlucky enough,
To hear the cries of young children,
Being torn away from their mothers and fathers,
By soldiers or by death.
Never smelled the rancid scent,
Of bodies being burned,
Just for having an existence,
Or for living differently.
Have never felt what it feels,
To have the ones I love,
Ripped out of my arms,
And separated from me forever.
But I have heard stories,
And I have been taught,
So I do realize,
Just how horrible a war can get.
With soldiers lying still,
Having lost their lives,
Fighting for others that they never met,
How can we forget how horrible war is?
How can we forget how brutally people died?
How can we forget families who lost each other?
On days of rememberance,
Let’s not forget what happened then,
So we can prevent it from happening now,
Or again, at any time in the future.

I never saw the war,

I hope I never have to.

Crystal Hayes 2002 (me before I got married)


About turkeymama

I'm a mother to a one year old, born on Thanksgiving of 2010, hence the turkey mama. I'm happily married to a soon-to-be trucker. I have a passion for writing even though I haven't written anything since college, I'm starting again now though ;). I'm busy trying to balance being a mom, a housekeeper and a wife. I need to learn to cook and clean properly and all that jazz, which this blog will help me though. Enjoy!
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