My Life List (part 1)

I’m following a blog called Carrie Actually, and this woman is fascinated by something called a ‘life list’. It’s basically a long list of things you wish to do at least once in your life. Her fascination has inspired me to start one of my own. It’s going to take me awhile to actually get an entire list of life wishes together, so it’ll probably be in more than one post. But here are the ones I can think of so far:

  1. Get my driver’s license, FULL driver’s license.
  2. Get my son baptized.
  3. Find out how to control my migraine headaches.
  4. Move out of my parents’ house.
  5. See the day that my son finally has a full-toothed smile. (yes I know he is still really young, but he’s been teething for almost his entire life and I can’t wait to see the fruits of his pain)
  6. Swim with dolphins.
  7. Go to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  8. Go sight-seeing in Paris, France.
  9. Learn to cook more than just a handful of meals.
  10. Own a house that has the aspects that my husband and I so desire.
  11. Buy a car, for myself.
  12. Go to a spa.
  13. Get a professional massage.
  14. Become fluent in French again.
  15. Take a vacation, just me and the husband.
  16. Write the novel I’ve had writing itself in my head since I was a teen.
  17. Get a puppy.
  18. Get a kitten.
  19. Teach my son to ride a bike.
  20. Walk in the emerald fields in Ireland.
  21. Get my degree in psychology or psychiatry.
  22. Finish the embroidery I started for my brother and his wife.

About turkeymama

I'm a mother to a one year old, born on Thanksgiving of 2010, hence the turkey mama. I'm happily married to a soon-to-be trucker. I have a passion for writing even though I haven't written anything since college, I'm starting again now though ;). I'm busy trying to balance being a mom, a housekeeper and a wife. I need to learn to cook and clean properly and all that jazz, which this blog will help me though. Enjoy!
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