I’m currently obsessed with Lynn Viehl’s Darkyn series. I borrowed the first book from the library and told myself I wouldn’t read another one from that series – it had some pretty gruesome scenarios in it that frightened me quite a bit. But I couldn’t help myself. I picked up another book from the series. They are so well written and the characters so well defined that I can picture them in my head as I write this. I’m reading my fourth book from the series. It’s not the fourth book of the series, as I’ve skipped the second and third because they did not have them at my library. I just can’t stop reading them. I definitely recommend these books if you are into vampires and the like. I always have been, and Ms. Viehl’s take on them is so unique that it makes other vampire tales seem pitiful in comparison (at least to me). Definitely give her a read.


About turkeymama

I'm a mother to a one year old, born on Thanksgiving of 2010, hence the turkey mama. I'm happily married to a soon-to-be trucker. I have a passion for writing even though I haven't written anything since college, I'm starting again now though ;). I'm busy trying to balance being a mom, a housekeeper and a wife. I need to learn to cook and clean properly and all that jazz, which this blog will help me though. Enjoy!
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