Why a blogger now??

Day four of my blog and I already do not know what to write about. I realize that there are, as of now, no readers but I still want this blog to mean something in the grand scheme of things. I’ve just decided what to write about.

My previous blog. I started it in grade 11 and wrote in it for about 5 years, I think. It started out as mostly poetry with some of my favourite lyrics thrown in when any fit my life at that time. I really enjoyed it. Towards the end of that blog it was mainly just, what I called, mindless ramblings. Things I needed to say just to get them out of my head and off my mind.

Now I’m blotting mainly in the hopes of getting to know other bloggers or commenters. I guess I feel pretty isolated and completely immersed in raising my son. Not that I am actually isolated, because I’m really not. I go out often. Mind you the Turkey (my son) is usually with me. Anyways, I guess I just want to meet/get to know other people, from anywhere. This is coming out wrong, I think I need some sleep. Night all.

*NaBloPoMo #4*


About turkeymama

I'm a mother to a one year old, born on Thanksgiving of 2010, hence the turkey mama. I'm happily married to a soon-to-be trucker. I have a passion for writing even though I haven't written anything since college, I'm starting again now though ;). I'm busy trying to balance being a mom, a housekeeper and a wife. I need to learn to cook and clean properly and all that jazz, which this blog will help me though. Enjoy!
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