Daddy & Granpa

Day Two of writing in this blog. Today was actually a very interesting day. My son had some dr appointments and he had an ecco and a ecg done and he was not happy to lie still during his ecco so I took out my phone and started to show him pictures. The only pictures that made him calm down are the ones that were of him and his father. So I made one my wallpaper which shows up when the phone is locked. I kept showing it to him and when the screen went black, he looked sad and went “daddy”. Now this is a milestone for us. He has only ever called my father “granpa” to his face. So now he has also directly said daddy too!! I am so happy for my little turkey! And he was SO energetic ALL DAY LONG. Dancing to no music, bouncing around, using his new walking skills, gabbering away about whatever it is babies gab about. It was just an awesome, yet very busy day. 🙂

*NaBloPoMo post #2*


About turkeymama

I'm a mother to a one year old, born on Thanksgiving of 2010, hence the turkey mama. I'm happily married to a soon-to-be trucker. I have a passion for writing even though I haven't written anything since college, I'm starting again now though ;). I'm busy trying to balance being a mom, a housekeeper and a wife. I need to learn to cook and clean properly and all that jazz, which this blog will help me though. Enjoy!
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